Good morning!
Happy Memorial Day. Thank you to everyone that served. I have a very serious question about obtaining a medical certificate. I am going to be 100% honest about my situation. I need advice.

I am a 52 year old guy. Having a monster midlife crisis. My dream of being a airline pilot has not changed since I was young. Many mistakes in life and here we are. I have a few medical conditions and am quite worried.

I had a cardiac stent placed 10 years ago. I had zero complications and am not on any meds. Recent stress test shows all clear.

Depression. Anyone have their entire world blow up in 90 days? Mine was. Long story short. I take anti depressants. I am well treated and still see doctor regularly to maintain and managed if needed. Which it hasn’t. I have read that many pilots will not be 100% honest on medical application. That the FAA does not have the resources to check and verify every application. If I am 100% honest, I think it would not be approved. I know that my expiration date is within 13 years for flying. My dream is not to make the majors. I do not have the time to start and work my way into the positions. My idea is to work for a regional and just stay there. I figure all you younger people want the majors and o would have a great opportunity to be the senior guy at the regional. I also think the airline would be more interested since they also know it’s where I want to be. I need some serious advice. Thank you for reading this small book I posted.


You will need to consult an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) with these concerns. You can find a list of nearby AMEs through the FAA’s website or Google.

The FAA also has a list of disqualifying conditions and medications. I would start there before moving forward.

Always be 100% honest on your medical application. The FAA does have ways of finding out. Plus, they are considered disqualifying for a reason. Pilots are responsible for other people’s lives in the air. Your personal or your personal doctor’s assessment does not overrule the FAA’s rules. An article came out not that long ago about pilots that failed to disclose all of their medications on their medical application. The FAA immediately revoked their medical certificates.


Hi Tory
Thank you for the prompt reply and advice. I knew I was chasing the dream. At this point in my life it’s more about the career than money. Maybe I can get some exemptions with consulting AME.


You will most definitely need to consult with an FAA medical examiner on this. We are not able to provide medical advice on this forum.

I would never, ever lie on any FAA form or airline application. The FAA will find out and the penalty for lying is severe.


Hi Chris
I agree. Gonna lay it out there and see what he says. Anything involving lies and the federal government never has a happy ending.