Aviation medical soon

I am currently in the process of getting an aviation medical so I can start flying. Currently I take one of the 4 SSRIs that the FAA has approved for pilots. For privacy purposes I will not state which one.
The only place I think there could be a problem is my records do state that I had severe depression. It was a time when I was coming out of a relationship of 3 years and my uncle had just died so I was in a rutt and went to the doctor for help.
My testing did say severe and I understand that I must disclose that to the FAA. My concern is that they will focus on what my results were regardless of the fact that my medications have been stable for 10 months now and my results when retested are drastically different and I have no problems with depression now.
I want to know from any pilots who have struggled with depression and anxiety what was your experience like with the HIMS medical examination because it has me worried! Thank you!


You will need to discuss this with your AME. None of us on here are medical doctors and as such are not able to offer advice on this.



This is not an “I want to disclose that”, it’s a you must disclose that. The questionnaire will ask what medications you’re currently taking and when you do that will require the AME to get the details from whoever prescribed them.

Others will prob chime in but there will be considerable paperwork involved.


Thank you for your response! I wasn’t expecting one so fast. Fortunately, I do understand that I have to disclose this information and that it is not a voluntary option as my wording made it seem. That was my bad for typing that way. There are many people who have hidden this information in the past and have gotten sued later for not telling their employer. I am an open and honest person. I was asking for anyone who has been through a similar situation for what to expect more or less. I know they are all different because everyone is different but I have a hard time not planning things out. Timelines are my best friend so a timeline of events and the costs that other people have been through was my main questions. On that note, it is the only record I have for my mental health and fortunately I have an appointment with my doctor again soon to get reevaluated.

Thank you for your response! It is understandable that none of us are doctors, heck I think we all agree flying is more fun. The only thing I was asking for was a timeline of when to expect news from the FAA about the decision. Additionally, I have spoken with my AME and understood I need to go through HIMS. I was more or less just asking for a person to relate to who can help me along the journey. What other people have gone through can often help me with what to expect as I am a person who likes to plan. I appreciate your response!


Getting a first class medical on one of the approved SSRIs can be done, but its not a cakewalk.

The FAA has no problem with the the approved SSRI itself. There is no neurological impairment caused by the SSRIs. The FAA is simply making sure the person on the drug is not a wackjob, therefore ensuring the safety of everyone.

It will probably take you 6-12 months. The FAA also will probably require annual cogscreen-AE exams which can run you up to 2,000 a pop.

Find a HIMS-AME and get with them. They will be able to say definitively if you should take the risk