New ATP Flex Track Option

ATP Flight School now offers a Flex Track option for the Airline Career Pilot Program. Train in the same proven, airline-oriented program, but with the schedule flexibility needed for working professionals, college students, and those who cannot dedicate full time to flight training.


Interesting, with the current health of the airline industry, I do not see why anyone would want to rush through the program. Might as well just take your time with it and enjoy every moment of it with less stress to meet deadlines. Especially those still in college, or who need to work while in the program in order to pay thier rent.

I do not think I will do it though, since I have good study habits and have all the time in the world currently.
But anyway, I have two questions out of curiosity,

  1. why is it $14,000 dollars more expensive than the regular version?

  2. if someone is already in the regular version, and they want to switch to this flexible one, could they?

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Like Moe, I am also very curious as to why such a mark up on the price. Just running the numbers on the Crew side of things (having an instructor vs another student), it’s not $14k of difference.

However, I do like the option and if this had been available a couple of months ago when I started, I would have heavily considered it.

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I am not privy to the financial reasons behind the price difference, but I would speculate that a large portion of it is due to flying the cross countries with a CFI. Remember that the CFI is not just spending time with that pilot, they are also now unavailable to fly with other students. Furthermore, self paced students take a lot more work on behalf of ATP admin to keep up with their scheduling needs.


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I was one of the last self-paced students ATP allowed to enroll back in 2015. This sounds a lot like the self paced program I did starting October 2015 and finished March 2017. My cross countries were with another student and ATP reimbursed me for gas/expenses to CFI school in Atlanta. My program was $5,000 more then the fast paced program and back then ATP said that was to cover the likely increase in fuel prices during the course of my program/flying.


Can’t seem to find it on the website but in talking to Admissions today Eric said that the Flex track has 31 more hours than Fast Track to help maintain currency as people move through the program. Realize that 31 hours x a $200 rate does not cover the $14k delta, but between that and the crew/instructor comment above the disparity might not be as big as it first seems.

Currently looking hard at the Flex Track…