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Hello guys,

I know when you first get hired, you don’t get a line right away and have to do your time as reserve. If you do not live around your base, where do pilots normally sleep if they don’t get called to fly that day? I’ve heard about the crash pads before but I am unsure how that works. Thanks.


Crash Pad is a very generic term for exactly what you’re asking. It’s a place to stay before or after a commute if you can’t get home or a place to hang when on reserve. They can be hotels that have shared rooms with bunk beds to you’re own really nice apt or house or anything in between. Obviously if you’re starting out it’ll be something cheap and shared but many people who commute for life will get something nicer.



Most crash pads are found through word of mouth or the company’s classified ads. They’re not hard to find.



Most pilots that commute sign up for crashpads. These are basically houses or apartments that people go in together to rent and spread the costs out very thinly. They are not glamorous. If it all possible, I would recommend not commuting to work.



Do you still commute? I can’t remember where, but seems like I’ve read that a time or two.


I do still commute. I split my time between South Bend and Norfolk. I am divorced and have kids near Norfolk, so I will be commuting there for the foreseeable future. I am not thrilled about it, but it is worth it for me to spend as much time as possible with the kids. That bing said, I wouldn’t recommend commuting if it can be avoided.


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I understand, certainly not ideal but has to be done for a lot of pilots I’m sure. Thanks for your response Chris.