Other Loan Options

Hey everyone,

First, just a thank you to everyone on here, i have posted a few times and every time I get it insightful and prompt answers, outstanding community.

Now for my question. I applied for a loan through Sallie Mae and Meritize, denied for both. Has anyone explored other options? From my understanding Wells Fargo no longer offers student loans.

I have reached out to Kirk, just waiting to talk with him in the next couple days. I just thought I would put this out there for anyone who has other experiences?

TIA for anyone’s time.

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I think waiting for Kirk’s conversation is best at this point if you’ve been denied, he can give you answers we can’t.

What you could do is start saving now and setting money aside to attempt another time if you truly want to do this. I was declined at first and after negotiating with Sallie Mae underwriters they finally worked a deal with me, it wasn’t beautiful, but it was something and I wanted to attend ATP. Credit lenders want to ensure they will receive payment for lending you money, it can be tough sometimes.

One thing you didn’t say, did you have a cosigner? MANY if not more than we can imagine need to have a cosigner: