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Loan Options?

Becoming an airline pilot is something that I’ve always dreamt of being my career. Ive been wanting to attend atp ISP, as long as I can remember. Unfortunately due to family struggles, Sallie Mae won’t approve the application. I can’t let this keep me from doing what im really set out to do. I hope someone has a connect for private loans and or different lenders that could help my situation. Thank you.


Brenton, I had difficulty with Sallie Mae for no reason. I did not understand but I ended up speaking with ATP and they directed me to their second partner Meritize:

Meritize Flight School Loan / ATP Flight School

Meritize, unlike Sallie Mae, does not just go off credit but merit. Filling out their application was more similar to getting into college than selling your future to a bank.

Thank you very much I’ll give it a look

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Make sure to call Kirk in admissions and speak with him as he is the expert in all such things.