Parents won't support me if I become a pilot

I’ve been having a hard recently with my parents. They are strongly against the choice of me wanting to become an airline pilot. They told me they won’t support me if that’s the path I want to take. I really can’t see myself in anything else. I’ve talked with them about the pros, cons, and career potential but they’re still agianst it. I don’t know what to do. I’m still gonna persue this career whether they like it or not. My mom has even used her health as threat becuase she will be worry sick about me when I’m flying, she thinks it’s a dangerous job even though I’ve showed her statistics about plane accidents. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


My question is first what type of support are you talking about? I don’t know how old you are but are they saying they’ll kick you out of the house or are they simply not encouraging of your choices? Big difference.

Regardless other than talking about it what steps of any have you taken? If you’re just talking about it and have some nice airplane pictures on your wall perhaps they aren’t taking you seriously? Maybe once you actually start your training they’ll be more supportive. Also while we all want to be supported by the people we love and care about its not really a requirement. If you follow our recommendations to finish school you wouldn’t be starting your flight training till you’re 22. At that point you’re an adult and can do as you please.


Hey Adam,

I’m 18 and currently in college. I’m enrolled at a college flight program. My parents said they won’t be my co-signer for private loans. I want to start training now so I can be ready when airlines start hiring. I was also thinking about obtaining my degree in business and completing my flight training at ATP. But I’m worried that I’m gonna miss the hiring wave. Any thoughts or advice on that? Thanks


No one knows for certain when the next hiring wave will start, end, peak, etc, so there’s little point in worrying about it. While I usually recommend getting started sooner than later, I’m a bigger fan of completing your education first. Frankly if I were your parents, you were 18, zero flight experience and were asking me to cosign for a considerable size loan for flight training, I’m not sure I’d be asking “where do I sign my name?” either.

Obviously I don’t know your parents but I suspect they’re just being a little cautious. Unless your last name is Besos or JayZ is your dad, like most people money is something they take pretty seriously. I had a standard deal with all my kids. Go to community college, do well and then we can talk about me mortgaging the house to fund your FooFoo degree at FooFoo University. What I’m saying is there are alot of young people with high plans that kind of fizzle out while their parents are stuck with the bill and they don’t want to add to that statistic.

Perhaps if you do really well in college and maybe even fund your own Private pilot license they’ll see that a) you’re capable of accomplishing some goals and b) this is more than when you were 10 and wanted to pitch for the Yankees. I suspect then they might be a little more open to the idea.This might me a conversation you want to have.

If not AND this is really your goal then it may mean you’ll have to do it on your own. Might take you a little longer but if it’s truly what your want to do you’ll find a way