Part 135 or Flight Instruct

Hey all,

Without bias, does anyone have any solid information if regionals prefer a CFI applicant over a Part 135 applicant. Thanks!


You’re asking for opinions and ALL opinions come with bias. That said as someone who participated in hiring at a Regional I can tell you the answer is no. If you meet the requirements, these days you will get hired even if you earned all that time in the pattern practicing touch and go’s. Getting hired isn’t the problem but I’ll tell you what is.

Everyone seems to be very concerned with getting hired above all else. Sure, no one dreams of being a flight instructor or flying mail in to Boise for that matter but the goal SHOULD be to become the best, most capable and skilled pilot you can be. While I’m sure some who read this will think yea yea yea another lecture, there is a point. There’s the obvious that you’ll eventually have people’s lives in your hands, that’s a given. But there’s another fun fact. Yes there is most definitely a pilot shortage and yes if you build the 1500hrs you will get hired BUT then you have to get through airline training. While the Regionals are hiring like crazy and paying all kinds of signing bonuses and reimbursements, they are also experiencing unprecedented washout rates. People simply can’t keep up. Why? Because they’re more concerned with the quantity of the time vs the quality. If that 135 job has you spending more time throwing bags and slinging gear vs ACTUALLY flying or doing things that hone your skills you will have a problem. Flight instructing does just that. It keeps you current and sharp. 135 may or may not?

The choice is yours but again if you can’t pass the training you never get to wear the uniform.



Adam gave a pretty solid explanation of what’s most important. It’s not a question of 135 vs CFI. It’s a question of quality vs quantity. Unless you really think you wouldn’t make a good CFI. Not everyone is cut out for it.