Pre-flight Findings

Purely just out of curiosity, have any of you, while flying the line, found anything during your pre-flight inspection that caused the aircraft to be grounded or at least delayed? What was it?


While I wouldn’t say it happens often, it’s definitely not unusual. In my experience probably the 3 most common “catches” are tires, lights and fluids. Occasionally there will be a gash or even tread coming through that maybe was under the tire when previously inspected and is now exposed. Then there’s the “puddle” or leak that shouldn’t be there. More times than not mx spilled some topping something off but there have been bad seals, hoses or gaskets. Lastly there are burnt out bulbs you find every now and then. I did once find a broken antenna laying under an aircraft. I asked the ramp crew but they all said they had no idea how or what happened? One young new ramper looked guilty and after a little interrogation he confessed to not wanting to walk around the plane, taking a short cut under and cracking it off. I think that’s all I have?



I have found all sorts of discrepancies, from bald tires to hydraulic leaks, worn brake pads, and bird strikes. Usually our maintenance catches these things, but sometimes they don’t.


Interesting, thanks!


My experience has been similar as Chris and Adam. I haven’t run into any major maintenance delays that have caused the aircraft to be grounded for the day. Although it does happen. So far, every time we have found something we have been able to complete the flight. The sad part is that it usually takes maintenance longer to complete the paperwork than it does for them to fix the problem.


Haha! Thanks. Yeah, the Army operates that way, too!