Private Checkride study guide

Hi everyone, are there any books/study materials that you would reccomend for private pilot checkride? I’m getting ready for my solo cross cross country flights but I want to start studying for my checkride as well. My plan is to knock it out within a week after completing my cross countries. So basically planning to wrap up everything in the next 2 weeks. ( not sure if this is feasible? )



Since you obviously already have an instructor, I would check with them on this. I would not want to give information that is contradictory to what your instructor might have you read.



Do you have a copy of the Private Pilot ACS? If you’re attending an ATP
school, you should have been provided with one. If not follow this link to
download a copy.

Have your instructor help you make the most out of it. Your instructor is
supposed to be using the ACS to get you ready for the check ride and the
examiner uses the same ACS to conduct your ride.

If you still need help, write back and I will walk you through it.


Thanks for the link Tory. My start date for ATP is October 9th. I’m finishing up my private at a local flight school at the moment. I have an instructor but I was just curious about other instructors’ approach to checkride prep. Just to get a different perspective. I find that really helpful. That’s how I survived engineering graduate school :slight_smile:

I respect what you’re doing, but it doesn’t need to be anymore difficult than it already is. The ACS should be your primary resource. Within each section there is a list of other resources that each section pertains to. If you don’t already have copies of the aforementioned resources, I suggest you get them.

If you’re looking for a magic book to prepare you for your ride, there isn’t one. You’re better off using the ACS as your focal point and building a library of resources around that like I mentioned.

Thanks for the advice Tory.

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