Private pilot Checkride book

Hi I’m currently getting ready for my Checkride and I got the pass your check ride book by Jason shaperd from mzeroa. I’m wondering if I should also get the blue oral book by asa to read. Thank u

Good evening German,

I’m sure if you asked 5 different people what the best study materials were, you’d get 5 different answers.

Personally, I myself did purchase the blue ASA study book, but found it hard to follow, and it didn’t seem very well organized to me.

I then purchased the Private Pilot ACS & Oral Exam Guide by Gleim, and found it to be a much better study guide for me. It includes a copy of the current ACS standards for your practical test (checkride), and also had many different study questions on all different topics you need to know.

I felt the Gleim book definitely prepared me to pass the checkride without a hitch.

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The best tool is the ACS and your CFI, or even better, any CFI that’s not your primary CFI to give you a mock oral using the ACS. We gave mock orals to all of our students. I never had a single student that failed the oral. I over-prepared my students for the oral. I sat down with them and went through the entire ACS, line-by-line.

Aside from that the only other oral prep book I’ve seen are the ASA ones that you’re referring to. They’re somewhat helpful, but narrow in scope, IMO. @med11043 suggests Gleim. I’ve never used it, but I don’t like ASA enough to suggest it. So, I’d go with that.




I would ask your flight instructor what they recommend. They’ve trained you and should be familiar with the examiner and how they conduct their checkrides. No one should know better than they do.



Im going with Tory on this one. ACS is your #1 as it is litterally the checklist your DPE will be going off of. The DPE will usually do 1 or 2 Knowledge bullet, 1 Risk bullet and all Skill bullets for each task in the ACS. If you know that inside and out you’re half way there.

Outside of that Adam brings up a great point of your CFI should know about the DPE and what he will hone in on.

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I am a huge fan of the ASA blue book, I found it to be incredibly helpful.

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