Public Intoxication Charge (Mis B)

Hello everyone
I hope everyone is safe during this critical time.
I am 23 years old. I want to go to flight school and pursue my dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot.

I have a public intoxication case which is a misdemeanor B charge. This occurred an year ago when I made some stupid choices the day before my graduation.

Now I want to ask how this record will affect my chances of pursuing this path. I applied for medical and they have asked for some extra documents which I am in the process of submitting. I have no other history of bad things, no alcohol problem.

Any doctor or current students or pilots out there who could provide some help regarding this?

Thanks in advance


This question is covered here in the FAQ section: Criminal Records and Background Checks

Bottom line is that you probably will be able to recover from this, but you need to keep your record absolutely clean moving forward.



I don’t know if you heard about this. About over a year ago, there was a first officer who was accused and arrested for triple murder back in 2015 and during his arrest, it went out on the news that when he got hired at the airline he had a prior criminal record which was assault on a 16 year old and mishandling classified information while he was in the Army. Crazy right? I’m pretty sure there are pilots out there that has prior criminal records. Not saying to commit any more crimes in which it will obviously become a career killer. Moral of the story is you still have a chance and keep your chin up but the real main thing is learn from your mistakes and never EVER commit any more crimes. Also, find ways to stand out build a really good reputation.

Anthony Tran


Christian Martin was arrested in 2019 for murders that were committed in 2015. He has plead not guilty. He was court martialed in 2016 and found guilty of the assault and mishandling classified information in 2016. It appears that he was hired by PSA in 2018. I would be willing to bet that this one slipped through the cracks somehow. I can’t see any recruiting department accepting somebody with such a checkered past.


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Crazy right? Supposedly American Airlines did a background check on him it turns out to be a simple assault which was not a disqualifying factor for the airlines.

Wow. That is really surprising to me.

Oh yeah. I mean have I don’t know if the airlines are that desperate on looking for pilots because of pilots shortage. I am currently a cadet instructor for PSA Airlines and around that time of his arrest, I heard that American are looking for pilots badly. I kinda have gist on what the industry is like but I’m definitely not an expert 100% about it.