Criminal record question

Hello everyone,

I wanna start off by saying how much I appreciate everyone’s time with this question. I know it must seem exhausting seeing the same questions on the board over and over, so I’ll begin.

34 year old usmc veteran and reservist to this day
2 juvenile misdemeanors, 1 marijuana possession
And 1 petty theft charge. Both were done around 14-15 years of age respectively.

1 domestic battery arrest (not charge) now dropped and null. Statute of limitations passed.

I’ll further explain the arrest. Had a friend with a violent background sleep over at my place. She was homeless at the time, she started forcing herself on me. She got violent because I wouldn’t sleep with her. Took a handful of pills and started drinking a bottle of liquor I had in my bar. She pulled a knife on me and cut my arm. I slapped her and took the blade from her and called the cops. Cops arrested us both, I explained my situation and showed video of her being violent and refusing to leave my house. No charges were filed and DA dropped it. I got an emergency restraining order on her and she violated it so I pressed charges on that.

Now it’s just an arrest on my record that says null. I’ve been saving up money and really want to be a commercial airline pilot. But am unsure if this event will bar me from such an admirable career.

At this point I’m looking for a honest answer on whether it’ll bar me from getting a 1st class medical or I’ll be a potential disqualification for me in this career path.

Again I am grateful for anyone taking the time to even entertain this question. Thank you very much for your time.

Only the FAA can determine who can and can’t get a First Class medical. No one with any previous experience can tell you anything as EVERY case is different. You need to consult with an AME.


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I understand sir, thank you for your input.

My next course of action is to try to get ahold of them and inquire correct?

Simply Google for an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) in your area and make an appt.



Start with trying to get a first class medical. Disclose everything up front. If you do get one, then you can start thinking how you would explain those situations in an interview. It will come up and you will need a precise and professional way to explain the circumstances and how you aren’t that person anymore. They will need to feel as though they can trust you will a multi million dollar airplane and the lives of dozens of people on board.


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