Regional Airline Contracts?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently a senior in college in the U.S. majoring in economics, however, I am seeking to pursue a career in Aviation. I am considering attending the ATP accelerated program in the Fall of 2018 to jumpstart my aviation dreams. My goal is to become a commercial airline pilot in the U.S. however, I was wondering if there were any contractual agreements regarding a minimum amount of time that one must work at the regional airlines (through ATP) before moving onto a major. Thank you and any advice will be greatly appreciated!


The only contract would be if you participated in the Tuition Reimbursement since the Regional is helping you pay for your training in exchange for your service. I believe I that case you need to stay with them a minimum of 1 year. In reality that shouldn’t be a problem since you really won’t be looking at getting hired at a Major for at least 3-5yrs at best.



Regional airlines are not requiring new hires to sign contracts, unless you
are receiving tuition reimbursement from that airline. If so, it is a 1
year agreement.


Thank you for your reply Adam!

Thank you for your reply Tory!