Regional longevity

Given the goal for most pilots is to get hired by a major airline and minimize time at a regional, are there pilots that stay at the regionals and why?

Are there longer term benefits, management or instructor opportunities or other reasons that may make staying with the regional more attractive?

I’m just trying to look at all my options given I’m older and will have about 16-17 years of flying by the time I retire from the military until I reach 65.

Thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hey Ryan,

There was a thread not too long ago that discussed this topic. Here is the link.

What do you do in the military? What are your goals? When do you think you would start flying?


I can retire in Aug 2018. I am currently flying C-12 (military version of Kingair BE 200) with over 2,000 hours, all but about 130 hours is multi engine time. I previously flew the B-1 for 10 years, 1,600 hours in that.

I love to fly. I didn’t realize how much until I had a break between the B-1 and C-12 of 5 years. I will have a military retirement check, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in getting a healthy paycheck for my next job, but due to some family considerations I don’t want to go into on this forum, location and schedule is very important to me also.

I read through the other thread, so thanks for the link to that. I must have missed it before.


Bone Driver! (I envy you so much :slight_smile: )

You definitely have time to get to a good place at a regional. With 17 years you would have about 14-15 years at a regional, and you can check for an idea of what the pay and domicile situation is like at most of the regional carriers.


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Not sure what your thoughts are about Hawaii but I’m at Hawaiian and they LOVE military pilots here. My sim partner was retired Army with the bulk of his time in helicopters. He transitioned to the Metroliner and got his fixed wing time up before retiring. Unlike most Majors we will hire straight from the military as long as you have the time which you do. Just a thought?


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Thanks Yarden and Adam,

I’m keeping all options on the table right now. I definitely appreciate the military friendly airlines for hiring.

Yes, the BONE is a great aircraft to fly. Nothing like doing 0.9 Mach at 500 ft. AGL. I don’t think the airlines or passengers would appreciate that though.