Release Co-signer (Sallie Mae)

Hi, I was wondering if any of you have the ability to release your co-signer with your ATP loan? Sallie Mae says that if you make 12 consecutive payments on time then you can apply to release your co-signer. I’m not sure if it is just for student loans or if the ATP loan could be included. Any info helps. Thanks!


Yes, co-signers can be removed from the loans once certain obligations have been met. Please see this link for more information:



Yes and I’m into this heavily since I’m engaging a co-signer.

I’ve also learned, you can make a lump sum payment of 12 equal payments at graduation and release your co-signer, provided debt to income, credit score, and income are in line.

Here’s a few links: Apply to Release Your Student Loan Cosigner | Sallie Mae

This person at ATP is very knowledgeable about it:
Kirk Clews / Student Finance Coordinator / ATP Flight School
904-595-7946 /

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Awesome, thank you guys so much!