Loan Refinancing and Cosigner Release?

Hey everyone! Had a quick question pertaining to the loan. I have taken out the loan with Sallie Mae with a co-signer. It seems I got a relatively lower interest rate than what I am seeing some other students getting (although it still seems insanely high!) I was wondering from past student, ones who have completed more recently, how successful you were in refinancing the loan.I also was curious if the cosigner can be released from the loan once you have a steady income (of course, a ways away…first need to get through all the training!) I feel like I read something from ATP a while back about the cosigner being released, I truly have never needed to take out a loan like this and am not very familiar with the logistics! This is just something that came to mind as i was scrolling through the feeds. Thanks!


For specifics on your loan, you will need to contact your lender.


I’m not at the point of refinancing yet, but in my loan terms once I make 12 consecutive payments the co-signer can be released from the loan. It should be listed somewhere in your loan terms if it is an option for you. Hope that helped.