Hello friends. I have a real quick question for one of the mentors on here. From your experience, and what you have been told, what would you say the average starting salary yearly on the B737 would be at a legacy carrier. (Delta, American, or United). Thank y’all very much!

Delta: $86,000
American: $86,000
United: $85,000

I took the hourly rates for each airline that are posted on and multiplied by 1,000 to arrive at an estimate of first year salary (this is a commonly accepted way of doing this). Keep in mind that the rates jump dramatically in the second year.


Thank you very much

airline pilot central is a great website if you have general questions on specific airlines. Talks about salary and bonuses, 401k and I think I have even read about health care on some

Hello peeps. Do pilots get a flat salary plus flying pay. If yes how much is usually the flat salry per month? @ Delta american united etc


It’s not really a salary but a minimum monthly guarantee. The rate and amount varies from airline to airline as well as the aircraft, seat and seniority. The usual is approx 70hrs a month and the rate can range from approx $36hr at a Regional 1st year to $350hr for a senior widebody Major Capt. Regardless of you fly less than the 75hrs that’s what you get paid but if you go above you get paid that.

If you want more specifics visit:


Oohhh ok. Thanks much😊

Even line holders have a monthly guarantee? I assumed it was only reserves that are on guarantee


Yes even lineholders except your line will be built as the min guarantee as the min amount of flying (in other words your line will always be worth at least the min guarantee). If however for some reason there wasn’t enough flying available to meet the min guarantee (like what’s happening now with the pandemic) the lineholder would still get paid the min guarantee. Make sense?


Yes :+1:t2:. Thanks