School Choices

I’m currently going into my second year of college and I’m stuck at a choice. I really want to start my flight training and atleast get my PPL right now. But I recently wondered on the opportunity of transferring to a school like Embry-Riddle or the University of North Dakota and honestly I don’t know. I have been up in a small plane in the past and I loved it I’ve wanted to be a pilot for as long as I can remember. Right now I’m still in school but I really want to get started on my ratings. I’m unsure weather to start my PPL at a local flight school or to transfer to a university flight program? More than anything I just want to start flight training in general and don’t know which of all the paths including ATP flight school would be the best. More than anything I dream of being on the right seat at the regionals while still young. I’m 19 right now please help.


The best route is the route that works best for you and your goals. You say you want to get there while you’re still young. Know that unless you decide to put flying on the back burner for 10-20 yrs I’m certain no matter which way you go you’ll still be young. Personally I would forgo the flight training until you finish your 4 yr degree. Get that out of the way and then dive in with both feet. Getting your PPL now really won’t do much for you. Riddle is a fine institution but it is EXPENSIVE and after you graduate you’ll still need to build time to get to a Regional. If time is your biggest consideration the most expeditious route is finish your second year of school, got to ATP, build your time, get hired at a Regional and then complete your 4yr degree online. Again this is not the route I would necessarily recommend but it is the fastest.

Your call.



I am a big fan of finishing college, then going to flight training. I was actually in my second year of college when I decided to switch from a career in business to one flying airplanes. I finished my business degree, then attended ATP. I would recommend that you do the same. You could conceivably get in the air a bit sooner going the route that Adam spoke of, but like him, I really recommend completing college first. You will be glad you did.