School Opinions

Hey everyone! I’m new to the site and to the aviation world. At the moment I’m looking for recommendations for a school that will meet all the pilot requirements and be a great school for education at the same time. I know most people went to ATP and its a great program with all the research I’ve done, I would just rather not go into a lump sum of debt. My military benefits will cover just about any collegiate program and that’s the route I’m wanting to take. Id like to go to a school that offers a 2 year flight degree and then once I’m done with school and hold a position at a regional airline go back to school to finish my bachelors. If there Isn’t any 2 year colleges I’m not opposed to 4 year colleges its just not my main route I’m seeking. Again I’m just looking for any recommendations and/or experiences that you’ve had or know someone has had at any school that offers a flight program. Thanks in advance!



A couple of things. First I don’t believe your benefits will cover the flight training component over 2yrs as the VA limits the yearly amount they’ll pay so you may be looks at a 4yr school (I would of course speak to the VA). Second also know that after you complete your training you’re still going to have to build the required 1500hrs to fly for a Regional which usually takes 1.5-2yrs depending on the route.

With that in mind while I understand your desire to not incur any debt and let the govt pay for your training I would think about 2 things. First pilots must retire at 65 and therefore the more time you take, the less time you’ll have at the top earning senior Capt pay which is currently $400k+. Second virtually all the Regionals are offering Tuition Reimbursement and hiring bonuses that will more than cover your flight training loans AND you could still use your benefits to get a degree which would be faster and easier with credit for your licenses and ratings.

Just some food for thought.



Thank you for the reply it is greatly appreciated. I’ve been doing some research for awhile on the VA benefits and with all the other benefits most people don’t know about. I’m 26 years old so I might be a little late in the game to be starting a new career such as an airline pilot. I 100% understand ill be losing time at the top earning potential, that’s why ATP was my #1 choice after doing research about the program sadly I need a co-signer and I’m really on my own for this. A collegiate program is the only other way although it would take a considerable more amount of time I think I’m still young enough to have plenty of time in the hot seat before 65. I’m sure most programs like ATP cost roughly the same but if you have any other recommendations please let me know I’d love to hear them. Again, I thank you and appreciate the information you’ve provided.