Sept 2023 Schedule

I was supposed to go to PT (proficiency training, done every 6 months) at the end of August, but my DH flight from DFW-MIA cancelled and they did not have any open sim time for me on my remaining days on. I went out of currency and had to do the PT on my first set of days on in September. This overrode my reserve days. I ended up calling out sick at the end of my pattern (MED).

14 days off not including MED and unused reserve days.

This month was a reserve line. RSV for reserve day and not used.

  1. off
  2. off
  3. off
  4. off
  5. off
  6. off
  7. off
  8. off
  9. off
  10. off
  11. off
  12. off
  13. off
  14. off
  15. DFW-MIA (DH)
  16. PT (sim)
  17. PT went until about 0230, rest of day off
  18. MIA-CVG (DH)
  19. RSV
  20. RSV
  21. CVG-DFW (DH)
  22. AFW-PDX (redeye)
  23. PDX-DFW-MIA (DH all the way)
  25. layover
  27. BNA-AFW
  28. layover
  29. MED
  30. MED