Student Pilot, ATP vs Part 61, Regional vs Foreign

My name is William and I am 23 y/o. I have dual U.S. and Swedish citizenship. I recently finished my BS Economics and am working on my PPL at a Part 61 flight school. My initial plan was to get my PPL at a part 61 and then go to ATP. From there on, work as a flight instructor to reach 1500hr, go to regional, go to major. However, I am now considering going abroad instead and working for a foreign airline once I get my CPL at 250hr. I see myself working in Asia or the ME, examples are Cathay Pacific and Emirates. CP has second officer requirements of 250hr. Alternatively, the thinking was to go overseas to get jet hours instead of instructing and then return to the U.S. when I have the requirements for the majors.

Is there any point going to ATP if I don´t plan to work as a flight instructor? (At ATP you pay to get instructor certified) I.E should I instead go to a part 61 for all my training?

Is it true that if I work for a foreign airline I will be blacklisted from working for U.S airlines?

Is it realistic to get hired at a foreign airline with 250hr?


To answer your questions:

  1. I believe there is a point. First ATP is an excellent flight school which offers top level training at an accelerated pace which will prepare you for airline training. Further should you ever change your mind about going overseas or have trouble finding employment there, you’re going to need your CFIs or you could be dead in the water.

  2. No you won’t be blacklisted but if you thing you’re going to come back to the US after a few years and Delta, United and AA are going to be fighting over for your attentions you’re in for a surprise. You’ll probably have to take a step time at a Regional before they’ll look at you.

  3. I know Emirates wants US pilots with jet experience and Cathay’s interview process is a bear. Beyond that you should reach out to them for more info.