Taking a break

I was just wonder how regional and major airlines feel about people who took breaks. If for example i went through the program with ATP finished the CFI program and got all the hours I needed to fly at the regionals would taking a year or two off from flying be a big deal?


Not a big deal but they would want you to get some currency. Aside for the fact the airline wants pilots who are current it would be a really bad idea to not fly for 2 years and then find yourself in a jet simulator where everything is happening 2-3X as fast.

On a side note you don’t mention your age but understand as a pilot mandatory retirement is age 65. If you’re young that may sound like an eternity but every year you wait is a year you won’t be flying and will never get back. Seniority is the single most important thing at the airlines. It effects everything from your schedule, upgrade time, base, vacation etc. I know pilots who were only a week apart and had dramatically different careers. Just something to think about before you invest a lot of time, money and energy to then take time off.


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