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The cost and getting financed

I’ve been looking into ATP for some time now. I will be leaving the military soon and very interested in the program, but I’m currently going through some financial issues due to identity theft. My main question is: What credit score is typically accepted to be financed for the school? I just want to make sure I’m near this range to not waste any time, and maybe try to find a co-signer if that is an option. I’ve heard that in most, or all cases, you need almost perfect credit! This has been a dream for a long time. I hope to get started soon!

Hello William and Welcome,

Unfortunately financing and credit ratings are above our paygrade on this forum. You need to give ATP a call (800-ALL-ATPS) and talk to the folks in finance.

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I have great credit…never missed a payment in my life, and my score is around 790. That being said, Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo both required a co-signer, so I used a close family member with a credit score over 800 and a nice monthly paycheck. Wells Fargo still denied, but Sallie Mae approved with a ridiculous interest rate.

My plan is to refinance with a rate less than half of what Sallie Mae offered once I start getting paid by ATP. The deferment during training is why I’m sticking with Sallie Mae initially, as my credit union (4.9% fixed interest, opposed to Sallie Mae 11.25% fixed) isn’t interested in the deferment.

Just wanted to chime so you have an idea.


Thanks for the reply. This is the exact information I was looking for. I figured I would need a cosigner considering the total cost of the program. The search will begin. Thanks for the input and good luck on your training.


Hello I’m looking into being a pilot and hopefully I can start classes and all very soon. I just don’t know how to go about things. I just need a little bit of guide, where do I apply? which is the best school in New York? Who can help me with applying to financial aid? Please someone help me

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As Adam said, you will need to call into the admissions counselors at ATP and ask them about what credit scores are required. I had good credit, but was a college student with no income, so I had to have my mother co-sign for me.


Thanks for adding your perspective to this, it is always good to hear from people that are currently in the program.



Keep in mind Student Loans are “unsecured loans” and therefore it’s more than just your credit score that they look at. Employment, home ownership etc. One person’s experience may be very different then yours. As I said, give a call.


Anytime. Adam also brought up a good point in calling them. They asked several questions surrounding my income to debt ratio. My debt includes a house mortgage and a vehicle note in a dual income family…neither are extravagant and i have no other debt. I also have a decent amount of money saved. I was surprised Wells Fargo said no…especially since my home mortgage is with them. Definitely call and let them give suggestions.