The right iPad for ATP

I know it says to get a iPad mini but to me that is pretty small. Thoughts?

I got an IPad Air 2 as that was recommended too. I start in July but from using the iPad is seems like a good size for the cockpit and also to use for studying.

I have the iPad Pro 9.7 and it works just fine. I rather the bigger screen.

From my experience watching students, I will say that I prefer the mini in the cockpit especially if you are taller than 5’8" or so. Many times if it is a local flight I won’t use it at all because it gets in the way of the yoke. It all comes down to personal preference too. The screen on the mini is more than adequate for what you will be doing during training.


ATP doe snot recommend the Mini, they recommend the iPad Pro or iPad Air 2. Take a look here:



I had the mini 2 and it worked just fine, no issues with the size. Many people however prefer the larger iPad and that is completely acceptable as well. If you prefer a bigger screen size, go for it.


Started March 20th, flying in the Archers. I have the 9.7in Pro. I’m 5’9 185lbs. It’s a bit big in the cockpit with a kneeboard (Especially being left handed). I haven’t tried a yoke clamp.
Way more kneeboard options with the mini.
Mini does have some down sides such as just being smaller and it is getting a bit old compared to the Pro which just came out.
The Pro and Air both will occasionally be in the way of the yoke during certain maneuvers.