Timing question

I just took my IRA written and my FII written tests (my instructor said if I’m looking into becoming an instructor to take the FII right after the IRA while everything is still fresh) and am now waiting on building hours for my instrument rating and commercial - as soon as our plane is done with its annual.
I’m thinking about just punching out my commercial, instrument and CFI as quickly as possible, and then get my MEL and commercial MEL. Or should I get my MEL with my 250 hours that way I can get my commercial MEL at the same time?


It sounds like you are working with your own CFI, so I would suggest following the path that they recommend. That being said, I would probably get the instrument, commercial, and CFI first (in that order) and then get your multi add ons.

I would be hesitant about using a flight school that only has one airplane, seems like a recipe for making things take much longer than they should.


I am in a part 61 school, and I’ll verify with my instructor what he suggests.

They have multiple planes, but I am in a partnership with a couple other guys in our own Archer.


I’m with Chris on this one, this is something that’s usually discussed between a student and their CFI. Without knowing you and your abilities I’d like to pass on this and direct you back to your CFI. Both of your proposals would work, in theory. Which one you SHOULD do? :man_shrugging:t2:

What matters more is that you have the appropriate ratings and hours to be eligible for the next step in your career. How you want to get from A to B? Short cuts are nice, but always prioritize quality flight time over quantity. Would it really kill you to get your CSEL and then add on your CMEL after?