Ratings progression

Hey guys,

I was curious about the “best” path for training. I was talking to a CFI about all the ratings I need to get to become a CFI and eventually get an ATP rating. Since I have my PPL he told me to get a ME rating and do my instrument training in a Multi. It would cost more but I would get PIC time in a multi, which is the most difficult time to get for an ATP. Would I actually get ME PIC time while training with a CFI? He was telling me I could also do commercial in a ME and really be ahead of the game for ME time, especially x-country ME time.

Does this make sense or is it a little overkill if I plan on getting a MEI?



It sounds to me like you found a CFI that is trying to build multi engine time and would like for you to pay for it. I just looked at Skywest’s requirements and they only require 25 hours of multi time.

Now to be clear, if you get an MEI that does not mean that you will be teaching many multi students (unless you work for ATP), but you should have around 25 multi hours and that will be fine.



Thanks for the heads up! I’m glad I found this forum to get answers to these kinds of questions. I wish I personally knew professional pilots who could help me out but I’m thinking these forums might be my best resource for advice.