Tried something else but can’t get away from flying

Good morning all,

I am 28 years old, have a wife and kid and tried “another career path” as requested by my wife for fear of the terrible schedules and hours pilots notoriously deal with. I chose to pursue emergency medicine, got my bachelors in emergency medicine and am finding that I am not satisified in my current career path.

That being said, I’m 28, by the time I start flying for regionals and making the money I’m making now I presume I’ll be 32? Two years for training via ATP and my first regional hire about 30-31? What are peoples past experience? Can I expect to be the eldest ATP student come October? (When we’ve agreed I can start) how long has it taken for previous ATP grads to pay back their loans in full? Is the tuition reimbursement really 11,000 or do Airlines normally Only foot 5,000? I’ve been looking into ATP for two years now and have thoroughly researched all my other options. I feel ATP is the best course of action at this time in my life/circumstance.

How many bad habits will I have to break coming into the program with 120hrs?


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You will by no means be the oldest student in your program, ATP trains pilots of all ages, from their early twenties to late fifties. Some students pay back their loans early, but most loans are set for a fifteen year repayment.

The bad habits will really be up to you. Just come in with an attitude of being able to accept new ways of doing things and you should be fine.



Lots of questions, here’s my take:

Not sure what you mean by “people’s past experience” but no you probably won’t be the oldest but if you were who cares? I was 39 when I started and was the oldest, didn’t bother me in the least.

I was fortunate to pay mine off fast with a home equity loan and better rates. Some do some don’t.

Different airlines are offering different incentives but if they say $11k they mean $11k.

As far as bad habits go hopefully you’ll break them all.