Trying to decide

I’m stuck between 2 locations the Concord, NC one and the Daytona Beach center. Like in the last post I posted family is closer in Conord. This has noting to do with family. Question is which would be better for a zero flight time student? Concord normally isn’t busy. Only busy airport around is Charlotte. Daytona beach I would guess it would have busy airspace because of it being Daytona and the airports close to it, but I’m not 100% sure because I don’t live down there or have experience. Understand if it is busy that it would help me in the long run with a busy airspace. I know that Daytona offers the international schooling there to. Just trying to see what y’all think.


You really should just pick the location that works best for you. You will fly in all sorts of different airspaces during your time with ATP and have plenty of experience with both busy and not so busy airports. I got my private at a small airport, but was exposed to large airports and thus felt comfortable with it. I really can’t argue strongly enough about this one, just pick the location that works best for you. ATP will make sure that you are prepared to fly into any airspace.