Concorde-Padgett (ATP Charlotte)

I know the first answer will be “ATP strives to make sure all locations are similar…” But I’m wondering if anyone has visited this campus, trained there or instructed there? With it being warm weather, I’d assume people get done there fairly quickly? Hows the management there, life outside of the airport (crime, etc).



I flew in from OAJ the other day to meet everyone. They have an office in a hanger. I wasn’t shown around or anything. Don’t know if they have another office in the FBO or not but compared to Raleigh this training office is quite a bit smaller. The student base is supposedly higher at Concord than at RDU currently. I start on the 19th so I’ll try to post updates to paint a better picture.

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A few weeks into training now and have a better understanding of the facility.

Planes are in great shape and maintenance is on point.

Plenty of instructors on site. The facility consists of three office spaces in one hanger. The spaces house the main office, a study room and the sims. The second office is located in the adjacent hangar and is a large classroom for 10-15 students.

I’m flying consistently, and no unreasonable cancellations.


Thank you for the update. I am glad it is going well.


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TO THE ORIGINAL POSTER: Crime isn’t a major concern in this area. I grew up in the Concord area and it is not known for its major crime concerns.

Thanks for the updates! when I enroll this is 1 of the 2 locations I would be requesting.

CASEL and CFI complete.

ATP Charlotte recently acquired new office area at Concord Padgett. This new area has enlarged and centralized the administrative offices and classrooms, making training and coordination much more efficient.

An additional AATD was recently added as well.

Landon do you like the Concord location? How is the instructor to student ratio? I start May 25th.

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The Concord location is well balanced and high paced. Plenty of instructors to go around and airspace surrounding the airport is conducive to flight training. The team here strives to maximize student investment and time. Scheduled grounds are conducted three times a week and students are required to be present Monday through Friday except when flying to encourage study groups and knowledge development.

Look forward to having you and please let us know if you have any further questions.
As a clarifier I am a CFI-I but am not an ATP instructor as of yet. Any questions you have regarding your program or scheduling should be directed to Mary Moreton the TSS for Concord.

Gordon L. Llewellyn


Thanks for the insight of the Concord Location. I will be starting, w/ credit for private, on 4/20 and am looking forward to it.

How many aircraft does the location have now? Have you found any delays in getting flight time?


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Getting flight time will not be an issue. You will find after starting that the most difficult part will be keeping up with ground over the flight hours you are getting. Getting your ground training and written tests will be your main focus as the studying is 80% on the student. Group grounds and instructor grounds are conducted regularly but they are not intended to teach you everything you are supposed to know. It is the students responsibility to stay on top of training modules and required tasks in order to be ready to take written tests on time in concert with their completion of each phase of training.

As far as aircraft counts, they change constantly. I can tell you that in six months of training I’ve only flown in the same aircraft four maybe five times. The amount of aircraft typically at KJQF is around 10-12 give or take not including the two Piper Seminole’s. The quality and quantity of aircraft flown in the ATP fleet are (IMO) more than adequate for the program, but planes do get squawked from time to time and that’s just part of the process.

I will add that one of the benefits of training with ATP is that all of their training aircraft are equipped the same. You will not run into situations where one aircraft doesn’t have the same layout as a other (within make and model that is).

On August 19, 2019 I took my first instrument training flight with ATP (credit private). Yesterday was my birthday and exactly 43 days short of a year since my training started.

I flew a level D A320 sim to complete my ATP/CTP prerequisite training yesterday.

Proof is in the progress. The training at ATP is fast paced, challenging, and extremely rewarding.

I was also assigned the KJQF facility as the training center that I will be teaching.

Biggest takeaways from the past “less than a year”: stay focused, stay determined, and stay flexible. Work hard, ask questions and listen.


Congratulations Gordon! It’s great to hear that you were also able to secure an instructing position with ATP!


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Great picture. Hopefully you are back in an Airbus in just a few short years.


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Looking forward to it.

You’re going to have a great time Bobby! Be sure to seek me out if you come through KJQF.


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