Tuition Reimbursement Questions

Hello everyone,

After speaking with ATP and looking on the website I still have some questions about the tuition reimbursement. Any past/current instructors please feel free to provide your input.

With the $5 per hour that the airline pays towards your loan, does that payment happen at the end of each month? Or is it bi-monthly? I imagine this help immensely as a potential $500 a month would go towards your loan.

Online it says, “$500 monthly payments continue to supplement first-year airline pay for at least 12 months.” Does that imply that some airlines will go longer than the first year and pay more than a total of $11,000? Or will they cap it off at $11,000?

Has anyone ever had issues with payments no happening or not going through, etc.?

Hoping to start in September at the TTN location!




Payments are at the end of the month. I was always paid on time. I am not
aware of any regional airlines that are offering reimbursement for more
than 12 months as a pilot for the airline. It is probably loosely worded
that way because each student is tied to a contract with the airline.
Contracts can be changed. Perhaps an airline might want to offer more to
attract more CFIs? Who knows?


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