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Guys I just wanted to know if with what you guys make as a CFI at ATP can pay back the loan and not being struggling and the end of the month trying to get the money for the monthly payments. Can you guys give us an estimate or at least give us an idea of what is like… thank you.

The above link will give you the pay rates. This does not take into account Tuition Reimbursement available from many Regionals. That all said we have no idea what your monthly expenses are.



These are 15 year loans. You’re only a CFI for 1.5-2 years. With the tuition reimbursement, new hire bonus, monthly income and refinancing I will have paid my loan off 5 years early. I’ve heard of others paying off the loan in 7 years or less. All depends on your lifestyle.


I plan on paying for the tuition from savings. Does anyone know if regionals will pay a cash bonus or some other benefit in lieu of the tuition reimbursement? If not, I may have to plan on taking out a $5,000 - $10,000 loan just to specifically get this this benefit, something I would rather avoid since I am very debt adverse.


Tuition reimbursement agreements with the Regional airlines usually come out of your initial sign on bonus. So if you don’t take on any reimbursement, you get the full amount of the sign on bonus. Look at the different airline profiles to get a good idea.


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Caleb, thanks for that clarification. I’m guessing Regionals do that so that the tuition reimbursement portion would not be taxed vs getting that same amount as part of a cash bonus. Either way, I’m glad to know I would benefit one way or the other.


Even if a regional offers both tuition reimbursement and a new hire bonus, you will have the option of getting the reimbursement checks written directly to you.