Typical ATP Schedule

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I’m hoping to start training with ATP this coming spring. I see lots of posts discussing lots of ground work while training - is it primarily classroom setting, self study, or equally both?


You can expect your ground school to be mostly self-study, but there will be one on one and classroom ground as well.

When I taught, I did mostly one on one ground instruction unless a subject overlapped with other students like weather, aerodynamics, preflight, performance, etc. I still expected my students to have their self-study assignments completed prior to our one on one discussion. This helped the students assimilate the material better rather than having heard it from me for the very first time.


For the most part, it is going to be self study. I like to call it “guided self study” as I give my students “homework”, as in either chapters in books or handouts to read. After they read it, we will review anything they are unsure about. I try to set aside 2 hours twice a week for my students that is open to them asking anything that they need help with. If they come to me asking to review a certain topic, I will do a ground lesson on that. The biggest point here is we do not have time to cover every single thing in a ground lesson, so we need to know what you need help with.

Big topics will be covered in ground lessons either one on one with your CFI, or with a few other students in a Group Ground. Things such as weight and balance, navigation logs, weather, etc… Mainly things that are easier when explained or things people tend to struggle with. We try to have at least 3 group grounds a week on varying topics. Usually when an instructor has a topic that others are struggling with they will make it open group lesson that anyone can attend.

Ware here to make sure you have all the knowledge needed for the certificate. We just don’t have time to teach you every last detail, but we will make sure you know it.

Sweet! Thank you for such detailed responses!

Next question: Who, generally, in the intro flight geared toward? Is it more “This is what piloting is like,” or just “This is what being in the air is like.”?

Having done an intro flight with both ATP and another flight school I would say the former. In both instances I did pretty much all the flying except for the landing.

I guess it depends on the instructor’s style. At the bare minimum you will be given the opportunity to manipulate the controls for 90% of the flight. If I had time to go over the preflight and airworthiness, I added that in for fun.


It seems like the self-study is quite a big portion. Does that mean that you can do a lot of studying from home if that is a style that you prefer? Or do you have to be present at location to do your self-study?




I did almost all of my self-study at the apartment, but many people prefer the airport. It is really up to you.


Thanks Chris!