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Wells fargo?

Wells Fargo used to be on the ATP sight for financing, but it’s no longer there. Do they not offer it through Wells Fargo anymore? It was about a month ago that it was on their site.

Wells Fargo financing is still available, but most loans are processed through Sallie Mae.

How exactly does the Wells Fargo financing work?


ATP primary uses Sallie Mae for student loans. Follow this link for more details: Flight Training Loans / ATP Flight School

Essentially, these are personal loans. When filling out the application, use the tuition cost calculator on ATP’s website to calculate the total loan amount. Keep in mind that a co-signer may be required.

If approved, ATP will work directly with Sallie Mae to withdraw funds from the loan throughout the program.

Interest begins accruing starting Day 1. Sallie Mae offers several repayment options to accommodate your needs.