What do i need to do become commercial pilot

Now i’m 17 years old and wanted to be a pilot.So what should i do first and what do i need to become pilot .


The best thing that you can do right now is to get good grades in high school, followed by doing well in college.

Once you go to college there are a couple of routes that you could take.

  1. The military, get into one of the Academies and go through military flight training.

  2. An aviation college, such as Arizona State University. Here you could get a degree in aviation, then move onto instructing to build your time.

  3. Go to a regular college and major in something other than aviation, once you complete college go to a fast track school like ATP to get all of your ratings. This is what I did and it is the route that I prefer as it is often the most cost effective, plus it gives you a backup education should flying not work out, for whatever reason.

As you can see, there are a lot of different options. Feel free to ask whatever questions you have.


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Thank you Chris for your usefull advice

do I need to have a college degree first or can I go straight to fast track pilot school?


ATP requires a Private Pilot license OR a 2yr degree OR equivalent work experience to enroll.