What is the best route to commercial pilot for my situation

Looking to do a career change. I’m 40 years old. I originally went to college to be a pilot. So I have about 250 flight hours and have completed my private pilot license. Instrument. Commercial. And multi engine rating. Then I moved in to aviation management so stopped flying.

Want to finish what I started and go back and get current again and then do CFI and CFII.

What do you recommend is the quickest and best route to do that and fast track into a commercial pilot career?


At this point there is no “fast track”, just boxes to check. You need to build the 1500hrs required to get hired. If you want to do that instructing, you need your CFI. Not sure I understand what you’re looking for?


Thanks. So maybe just advice on best way to get CFI? From ATP program or just from a local FBO?


ATP doesn’t offer a stand alone CFI program which is a shame. That’s because ATP students who become instructors are able to take advantage of ALL ATPs airline partnerships including the unheard-of Direct Tracks to Spirit, Frontier, Avelo and Sun Country. This completely bypasses the Regional phase and starts pilots in the right seat of a Boeing or Airbus. It’s really pretty amazing.

You’ll need to find a local flight school to earn your CFI(s).



You may want to research some low time flying jobs with your Comm Multi rating. I’ve heard of some survey jobs that can offer additional ratings on your off days as a benefit of your employment. That could be a way to start building time, making an income and eventually get those ratings at a steep discount.



You will need to find a local flight school that you could complete your CFI training with. ATP only has two program entries, Zero Time and Credit Private, and this is why (to prospect students) we recommend doing research before just attending any school.

Here’s a copy and paste from another thread I typed, hopefully this is useful:

A realization that the first few hundred hours after training is considerably entry-level work into the career you’re building. CFI is the most common; however, there are obviously other avenues, but this is a short list found under 14 CFR 119.1(e) :

There are ways to seek jobs: Google, Facebook groups, flying website like Climbto350, AirlineApps, etc. Going directly to company websites to see requirements should be of interest and potentially contacting a recruiter specific for information; networking is key.