What next?

I start at Tampa/Clearwater (PIE) in a little over three weeks. I’ve completed all of the FAA knowledge exams and the Pre-Course Assignments, as well as a couple of the lessons that follow. What should I focus on until I start?



I would honestly just relax and enjoy some time off. You will be plenty busy before you know it.

Good work on finishing all of the writtens.


LOL Jordan, have I become predictable :joy::joy::joy:

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Awesome job on the writtens, sir! You will be glad you did them! Please see my lengthy response to a similar question in this thread:

If you’re just as anxious to keep going as I was when I got my class date locked in, read through my response and do what you can.
Chris has a point too. If you have other obligations besides school, I’d try to focus on them for now as you won’t have a whole lot of time to do anything except for school when you start.

I appreciate the advice!

Study the archer supplement and know it cover to cover. Many of our new students have been lacking knowledge on the aircraft so knowing that should keep you ahead. Awesome job getting all of the writtens done! You are already ahead of the game!

Can’t wait to see you around!

I just started going through it. Looking forward to it!

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