What’s next

Hello, I just got to say to I read a bit of your post and I get excited every time y’all giving me the courage to not let go on being a pilot keep it up y’all.
My question thought is that I am in my first year college on aviation manegement program, so I wanted to know what is going to be next for after those classes.
Thank you,


I don’t mean to sound flippant here, but you will need to ask somebody at your college what is next as we have absolutely no way of knowing.


Yes sir, how long is a flight school tho

You need to ask them.


The question is will you be doing your flight training with the college or on you’re own after? If the flight training is with the college we have no way of knowing their time frame is, what ratings are included etc so we have no way of telling you “what’s next”. If however you’re planning on doing your training after college than I recommend you take a look at the FAQ section as that will answer many if not all your questions.


Thank you so much that help