Where to find employement and how to gain 1500 hours

Hi all,
I’ve been dreaming about been a pilot since I can remember. I live in UK. But due to my financial situation it became difficult to pursue. I’m now 34 years of age, and now in a much better financial position. I have no flight experience then been a passenger. Would my age cause me any problems, and what parts of the world would I find employment quicker, once I complete my flying course. The biggest issue for me is how to accumulate 1500 hours . What avenues are there to get 1500 hours. Relocating wouldn’t be a issue for me. Thanks

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Hi Pete,

At 34, you’re not to old to begin flight training, but I also wouldn’t
waste any time. The other mentors and I are US based pilots. We don’t have
a lot of insight on flight training programs outside of the US.

Training in the US requires US citizenship or Permanent Reseidency.

I suggest reaching out to some UK based airlines. I am aware that some of
them have cadet programs.

Also take a look at this thread. It was started a few days ago. You might
find some helpful information in it.

Once you find and complete a training program that will work for you, most
pilots build their time as a flight instructor, which is what I recommend.

Sorry for not being able to answer all of your questions, but hopefully
I’ve at least steered you in the right direction.


Thanks for the advice Tory

Try CAE.

Hi lavell
Il look into that thanks, Pete