Written exams done - Starting ATP next week!

Hello everyone, especially other students who also have a 10/9 class date!

The last time I was on APL, I was still indecisive and had not yet completed an admissions flight. Fast forward a little over two months later. I am all set to start next Monday, and have passed all 5 of my written exams (credit private)!

In order:
CAX- 96%
IRA & FII (taken same day) - 97%, 94%
FOI- 90%
FIA - 95%

Sheppard Air really did the trick, and they have an extremely supportive staff.
I decided to follow through with the 100hr ME option, even though ATP has since discontinued that route as an option for incoming students. I was in contact with admissions twice regarding my decision to opt out of it and save the cash, or stay in. After some contemplation and a great conversation with Tom over at training support, I will be staying in! I have to say, I am excited to get to know the Seminole.

My admissions flight was great, and the staff at my TC seems to be very tentative and caring. Everything is in order for my first day.

Best, and good luck to fellow new students!

Andrew - KPOC

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Nice job on completing all of the writtens ahead of schedule. We wouldn’t recommend Sheppard Air if it wasn’t the most preferred method :wink: , it gets the job done!

I’m happy to hear you chose ATP to be your training path, I think you will be very pleased! Please keep us posted when you get time on your progress, best of luck. :slight_smile:




Excellent scores on those written exams! Having those done early will be a huge help to you in the program.

Thank you for the update, keep them coming!


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