1st Class Medical Examination - What To Expect?

Hello All-

This forum has been extremely helpful for me. I’m going to go get my 1st class medical and I was curious to know what I should expect? How long does it typically last? (I have to drive quite a ways for the examination). I’m assuming it’s similar to a physical? Urine samples, hair samples, and/or blood samples?

Thanks for any and all information!

It is very similar to a physical, with urine samples. I am going to read between the lines here and tell you that if there is anything at all that you are worried about them finding in your system, that you wait several months before getting your physical and then never use those substances again.

Make sure you fill out the FAA online application before you go to the appointment.

Hi Chris -

Thank you for your information. What else can I expect? How long does it typically take… your normal 1 hour or so physical? Trying to plan things correctly since I have a 3.5 hour drive each way for the examination.

I appreciate everybody’s help and input.

About an hour or so.

Where do you live? You shouldn’t be having to drive that far. That seems extreme.


It really shouldn’t take that long at all (def less than an hour). You don’t mention your age but if you’re over 35 you will need an EKG and that takes longer. Urine, vision, hearing and a once over. I’m sure the examiner’s office told you to register with MedXpress and complete all the paperwork prior to your visit. If not you need to.


Awesome – I’ve started the process! Thank you all.