Medical clearance

Good Afternoon,
Has anyone had any snags receiving their medical certificate. I’m currently working on my ppl with the local school in MD but my class 3 it taking forever. I flew w/ waivers with the military (Class 3- non pilot). I passed everything with the AME but I take hydroxychloroquine for my skin form of lupus. I submitted everything from the docs derm/ophthalmology saying everything was good to go… but this is discouraging…
Once you receive the class 3 how hard was it to achieve a class 1 from the faa and how long did it take?


In general medical deferrals can take months to years and cost thousands of extra dollars depending on what the FAA requires.

I can’t say how your experience will be when you apply for a 1st. I am just a pilot. Your AME may have a better idea. I would contact them.



As Tory already mentioned, you should be contacting your AME for any medical questions as none of us are doctors (AMEs) or lawyers (for those with judicial questions). A first-class medical involves stringent requirements because you’re considering yourself an applicant to carry many lives behind a closed door. Take it for what it is worth, this is an article published online so it may/may not be accurate, just me doing a simple Google search for “first-class medical disqualifiers” - again, seek proper information from an AME:

Though it sounds like your medical may have been sent to Oklahoma City for a review, you could check the status via MedXpress portal, a newer feature that came out earlier this year - or contacting your AME.


I spoke with the folks at OKC, it’s being reviewed as we speak.


We hope you get the answers you’re looking for as expeditiously as possible. Luckily with the new tracking tool, you can watch the wheels of the FAA turn even if it’s slow. In the meantime, let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.


Thx, as you all know I can’t solo without it. So it’s just a hindrance not having it.not to mention if I can’t get cleared for a class 1 then I may find a new path to pursue.


I have a Special Issuance certificate, it took about four months for the FAA to clear it, your results may vary.

Just to get you up on the civilian lingo, in the FAA world, it is a First Class, Second Class, Third Class and not a Class 1, Class 2, Class 3.


thanks… i’m so military… our jargon has me “institutionalized”… I am going to have to break that habit. all of the acronyms from the 3-1 that we incorporate in daily convos.

You will figure it out the first time you call your AME (not “flight surgeon”), ask for a class 1 and the receptionist tells you they don’t offer those :slight_smile:


With my experience of my 1st class being deferred due to a concussion a while back, it took 3 months for them to finally clear it and I now, this Thursday, can fly my first solo! I was given a phone number in Oak city where they process all the paperwork and every day, I called that number at least 4 times throughout the day to try and ask for an update but it always said “operators are busy, call back later” which was extremely frustrating for me, thinking that I’ll never get it and I’m coming to a dead-end road. That is how the government works, they don’t care about your life. However, if you are patient enough, they will come around.

Thanks I appreciate it. Funny I’m heading to OKC in the morning to the Air National Guard base there for the week. I’m tempted to go by their office and ask them if it’s ready in person :grin::grin:.


I am guessing you are joking, and hope you are. I would absolutely not go to the FAA in person, that might not be looked upon very well.


Super Joking