1st Class Medical Special Issuance and getting hired by majors

Good afternoon, gentlemen—

For any of you who are familiar with the major airline interview and selection criteria, does a Special Issuance 1st class medical have any detriment to being hired on as opposed to a regular 1st class?
I have to undergo a very thorough cardiovascular exam that will likely be out of pocket, and I want to at least have an idea of whether an SI will serve as a “do not hire” flag in the future. I know I think and plan way too far in advance, but that’s my nature. Thank you!



I will be honest, I have no idea. My best recommendation would be for you to contact the recruiting departments of several regional and majors and ask them.



Yes, no, maybe? There are plenty of pilots at Regionals and Majors with SI Medicals and it really depends on the nature of the SI, the possibility/likelihood of a recurrence etc. If this is a one shot deal to assure a past issue is no longer you should fine but if it’s something that may/can/will cause future issues that’s something else.

As Chris said I’d contact recruiters for a better more conclusive answer.


Thank you, gentlemen! I will do as you suggested and contact my potential future target airlines. It was a single (idiopathic) event that I ended up staying at the hospital for overnight 3+ years ago that has never recurred. AOPA Pilot Support Services gave me a positive outlook on 1st class issuance, but said SI is likely. I am just trying to leave no stone unturned.
Thanks for your continued support!

I think you are wise to be looking into this now. Let us know what they say, please.