4 year degree question

Hello all,
Love the site, I have learned so much reading through old posts. Thank you for taking your time answering all these questions (Chris, Adam, & Tory seem to be really generous & knowledgeable).
Question I have is… has anyone heard of the time spent training at ATP going toward credits for their college degree? Reading though a old post it seemed to be hinting at that.


Not that I am aware of. It would be helpful if you could send us a link to
the post that you’re referring to. I would like to read it.


What Daniel says here,

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Yes, some colleges will give credits for having FAA licenses. Utah Valley is one that comes to mind, but there are several others as well. Check directly with them for specific details.

Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it.


Thanks guys!

I’ve heard liberty university offers credit as well.

I’ve looked into this recently. Liberty gives more credits for your ratings than UVU. It’s somewhere in the range of 45 credits if I’m not mistaken. You can contact their aviation departments and get an exact figure.

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Yes that seems to fall in line with what I have heard.

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