Update and seeking thoughts from pilots

Hi guys, wanted to give an update an seek your thoughts/ advice from where I am at. I have 24 credits from Dean College and Borough of Manhattan Community College. I have the option to go to Atp soon and get hired by a regional, entering with a private pilot licence by the time that I am able to attend Atp, or have my grandparents support me possibly for 1.5 years and I will have completed my associates by then. I am apprehensive about taking on 4 classes and wonder if the best way to go is to do the professional pilot program, get hired by a regional, and finish my associates online at Bmcc as I work. I feel that may be the best option rather than live off of my grandparents. Hope to hear back soon, Best , James


I ALWAYS recommend people obtain at least their 2yr degree prior to starting training. I’ve known a number of pilots who’ve completed (or at least attempted to) while at the Regionals. Those with a 2yr take those credits, find a nice aviation program that will also give them credit for their licenses and ratings and bang out BA/BS with min effort. Those who don’t have much more work to do and some frankly get frustrated and quit. I have no idea of your work ethic or study habits and only you can decide what’s best for you. That’s just what I’ve seen.



I completely agree with your plan. It is a well worn path that has worked for many pilots before you. Bear in mind though that you will need a four year degree, not an associate’s.



There’s more than one way to get from A to B. The plan you shared is one way of doing it. It’s just as good of a plan as any other. You know what the expectations and requirements are to advance to the next levels. How you get there is up to you.