48 year old returning to the game

Just turned 48 and contemplating making a run at the airlines. Currently at approx 3000 total 2000 t-prop PIC (all skydive flying twin otters, sky vans, king air) haven’t flown much in last 12 years. I am thinking about getting current (IPC) knock the rust off and apply to the regionals. Question is how much time would be needed at the regionals before being competitive at the majors?


You will likely need a full 1,000 hours of jet PIC time before you will be competitive at the majors. I understand that you already have PIC turbine time, but as it is in lightweight airplanes, such as King Airs, you will need to get that magic 1,000 hours of turbine PC in a jet or heavy turboprop like a Dash-8. Also, the major airlines all require a college degree, even if they do not specifically state so.



Not sure exactly what your goals are but if you didn’t have your heart set on the Big 3, there are lesser Majors/Nationals that you could probably get to sooner if not like Atlas, JetBlue, Allegiant etc. Just throwing that out there. You could probably even apply as soon as you’re current.