Hey I’m a 35 year old with multi commercial rated with roughly 1800 hrs. Quit flying for about 7 years due to some issues and the industry. I’m a avionics tech and A&P and have worked on citation jets for some time now. I am considering getting current again and trying to decide between airlines and corporate side of things and find myself favoring the airlines. Set schedule seems better for my family. Looking for any input on a avg time line for getting the required PIC time to move to the majors, I have around 1250 PiC but low multi and no turbine PIC. I have started riding right seat in several different Citation jet models, and will have a chance to start flying a king air 200 once current. Also would going the regional route give me a better shoot at the majors compared to the corporate side of things?


The Majors want TURBINE PIC and normally they quote 1,000hrs as the mins, to be competitive it’s more like 2,500. While I do know a few corporate pilots who’ve made it to the Majors the Regional pilots definitely seem to have an edge as they’ve been basically doing the job.



Unless you have stellar letters of recommendation, I doubt a major will pick you up, even with your 1000 hours PIC. I see you having better chances getting on at a major with turbine PIC experience at a regional.