48 yo seeking to be comm pilot

Am I out of my mind? no previous experience. want to attend fastest and cheapest program. I have no health issues and am single with no children. Also I have a BS degree. Thanks


I recommend you take a look here https://airlinepilot.life/t/am-i-too-old-to-be-an-airline-pilot/8062 and then browse the rest of our FAQs. It’s certain to answer some if not all your questions.

I do have to ask however, you’re looking to become a professional pilot and potentially hold the lives of hundreds of people in your hands on a daily basis and you think “cheapest” should be part of that decision? First off flight training is never cheap. Airplanes are expensive to purchase, operate and maintain and quality instructors deserve to be paid (just as I’m certain you’ll want to be when you instruct to build required flight time). While I understand we all would like to save money when and where we can, there some things in life where “cheapest” isn’t always a good thing.