6 Months From Start

Hello all,
My plan is to start at ATP KIWA in late June. Now that it is January, can I begin the loan process, or would I need to wait until the end of the month? I guess my question is whether they are talking about calendar months. I’d like time to get all my writtens done before the start date. Also, as a side note, I really need to start in June for a few different reasons, however what complications will arise from flying in 100+ degree weather? Obviously density altitude is a factor, but the runways out there look plenty long. Thanks and happy new year!

Jonah W.


First of all congratulations and good choice of location!!

I don’t know the details of when you can start the loan process, I would call the financing dept at HQ and ask them directly, they know best.

As for the weather in PHX, it will be hot! Very hot! Be prepared to have very early morning flights (meaning ready to go at 5am) because you won’t be able to fly after 10-11am.


8 months before for financing. Just completed mine for June as well


I am very glad to hear that you plan on completing your writtens prior to starting your training, you will really be glad that you did. Don’t stress too much though if you don’t finish them all, even completing just one or two will be a huge help to you.