737 Training, Phase Four

As a reminder, United splits training into five phases, they are as follows:

  1. Systems
  2. Procedures
  3. Maneuvers
  4. Line type experience in the simulator
  5. Operating experience in the actual jet.

Today I finished phase four of my 737 training. This phase focused on line type experience and is the last phase to be conducted in the simulator. Most of the training in this phase consisted of various things that could happen during an actual flight, and in that setting. Each day we had a full flight plan and went through the motions just like we were actually flying from say Las Vegas to San Francisco. Things that could happen on a simulated flight would be a TCAS warning (potential collision with another aircraft), various system failures, change in weather at destination, passenger disruptions, etc. These are all things that would be very difficult to replicate in an actual airplane and would be prohibitively expensive, and dangerous, to train for in an airplane.

The last day of training was a simulated flight from Houston to Dallas, I had two minor system failures to contend with, a TCAS advisory, a reroute and turbulence. The goal of the check ride is to see how one handles these situations, that they are in compliance with FAA regulations and company policies and how they work together as a crew. I passed today and am now on a flight home.

This is the point where some people would post a picture of themselves holding their new pilot certificate as this is when the new type rating is officially conferred upon them. I already had a 737 type rating, so I will post a picture to show what a pilot license looks like.

The next phase is flying the actual airplane. I do not have an update as to when I will start that yet, but should soon.